A simple way to identify the quality of PAM

PAM is a versatile additive and is widely used. Because of its wide range of applications, large PAM manufacturers have developed different types of products in response to various conditions of use. Divided into anions, cations, non-ionics, zwitterions, and anions are divided into different molecular weights, cations are divided into different ionicities, non-ionics are divided into different molecular weights, and there are many kinds of zwitterionics. There are hundreds of total zeros and zeros.
So many models of PAM products not only test the manufacturers, but also a big test for users. That is how to select and choose a supplier.
For a company’s professional procurement staff, in the face of such PAM model purchase, the price is their highest pursuit, so it is very important to purchase a price and quality for your company. So it is very necessary to master some simple methods to distinguish the quality of PAM.
If there are many ways to identify the quality of PAM in the factory, but it is very complicated and not suitable for customers, the following will introduce a simple and applicable method for you, even if you don’t have a special laboratory in your company.
The different masses of the purchased PAM samples are separately formulated into equal concentrations (eg, one thousandth) of the liquid, which should be thoroughly stirred during the configuration, for about half an hour, until the solids are substantially completely dissolved. It is possible to separate the molecular weight and the purity by observing the current status of different samples. The results show that the concentration and viscosity of the high molecular weight solution are significantly higher than those of the low molecular weight product. Products with high purity are usually extremely transparent, and inferior products have low transparency and often have a certain degree of whiteness. Learning how to choose PAM (PAM), buyers will no longer choose products that are inferior or cost-effective. Of course, this is just a simple test. If you need professional testing, you have to go to the professional laboratory of the manufacturer to test it. Our research center is among the top PAM manufacturers in the country, which is enough to meet the various needs of customers and choose the most suitable PAM products for customers.

Post time: Nov-09-2020