Plugging Agent

  • CHUNDI Specialty Chemicals in Oil Field

    CHUNDI Specialty Chemicals in Oil Field

    CHUNDI supplies our customers a wide range of product portfolio in the oilfield industry. With the team powered by dedicated and compassionate staff, we could assist you selecting the most suitable polymer for all you diversified process. In addition to our standard oilfield chemicals, we are also supplying customized products to our clients in the different condition.
    The major areas of application of our products are:

    ◆ Coating agent for drilling fluid

    ◆ Polymer Microspheres

    ◆ Polymer Oil-Displacing Agent

    ◆ Acid Thicker Agent

    ◆ Plugging Agent

    ◆ Fracturing Fluid Friction Reducer

    ◆ Efficient Clean Fracturing System

    ◆ Flocculant For Oily Sewage Treatment