Four taboo operations of aerial work trucks after turning off engine

The service life of aerial work vehicles is not only related to the quality of the vehicle itself, but also to the driving habits of the owner. Even driving habits are considered to be the factor that has the greatest impact on the vehicle. Some bad driving habits of the car owner can cause damage to the car. When the car breaks down frequently, the driver will feel regretful. Therefore, we will introduce you to the four taboo operations after the high-altitude operating vehicle is turned off, which can help you reduce the damage to the high-altitude operating vehicle.

1. The steering wheel is not back to the center

Owners of vehicles driving in high-altitude areas usually reverse their vehicles when they park in a parking space or garage, but many owners do not return the steering wheel in time after parking the vehicle. Then leave the car with the steering wheel in a dead state. This behavior makes the car’s steering system always in a stressed state, so the gears and steering rods of the steering system are in different positions of the force points. Long-term accumulation will cause certain damage to the steering system of the car. This will cause an unpredictable failure of the vehicle at a certain point in the future. During driving, the wheels will drift, which will affect the driving safety of the owner. Similarly, due to the pressure on the sidewall of a car tire, the tire will deform over time.

2. Choose a parking location on a slope

Due to the increase in vehicles today, it is difficult to find parking spaces. The car owner occupies almost all the places where the car can be parked, so some car owners will park the car on the slope on the road, but this type of parking method will have a great impact. After all, when there is a slope, the weight of the car will be fully loaded on the handbrake, which will cause “fatigue” to the handbrake cable for a long time, and cause hidden dangers to the safety of high-altitude operating vehicles.

3. Do not turn off the air conditioner before turning off the engine

The air-conditioning of aerial work trucks is a feature that most car owners like. Regardless of whether it is in a cold winter or a hot day, the temperature inside the car will be adjusted by turning on the air conditioner. However, many car owners forget to turn off the car’s air-conditioning before the car is turned off. Although it is harmless to the car when the car is turned off, the air conditioning will also be turned on the next time the car is started. The starting power of the car will increase immediately, and the pressure on the car battery will also increase, so it will also cause a certain loss.

4. Frequent start after turn off engine

When some high-altitude operation vehicle owners stop and wait for people, if the waiting time is long, the temperature inside the vehicle will drop rapidly. The car owner will turn off and start many times, so many times off and start will cause serious loss of the car battery, and the battery may reduce its life or malfunction due to over-discharge.

Chundi reminds everyone that the above-mentioned driving behavior will cause greater damage to aerial work vehicles. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the above issues when driving aerial work vehicles in the future.

Post time: Apr-15-2021