Self-propelled Aerial Work Platform

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Product name: Self-propelled Aerial Work Platform

Brand: Wuxiaohaikin

Type: crank boom, straight boom

Maximum working height: 18m, 23,7m

Maximum platform height: 16m, 27.8m

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Wuxiaohaikin is the brand name of aerial work platforms and special vehicles produced by a high-tech enterprise invested and established by Qingdao Wuxiao Group. Located in Qingdao, the company covers a total area of 15000 square meters and has more than 150 sets various professional equipment which equipped with professional and technical personnel. It has group of R & D and production personnel who master modern automobile refitting technology and have rich practical experience. At present, the company has the production and inspection capacity and conditions of blanking, forming, welding, coating, general assembly, commissioning and inspection of the self-made parts of the special vehicle and has the production capacity of 2000 special vehicles per year.

Wuxiaohaikin brand Self-propelled Aerial Work Platform including:

1.Self-propelled crank boom aerial work platform

Main features of the product:

(1). It adopts a swing bridge chassis.

(2). The turntable can rotate 360° continuously.

(3). Swing-open engine mount.

(4). 40% climbing ability.

Specification BA18A BA16A
Maximum working height 18m 15.7m 
Maximum platform height 16m 14.m 
Maximum horizontal reach 8.85m 9m
Overall dimensions(Length, width and height) 7.6*2.3*2.5m 6.9*2.3*2.5m
Work safety load 230kg 230kg

2.Self-propelled straight boom aerial work platform

Main features of 28m self-propelled work platform:

(1)Four-wheel drive system, stronger off-road performance;

(2)The swing mechanism of the working bucket can swing the working bucket 80 degrees left and 80 degrees right;

(3)The electro-hydraulic proportional valve is used to control the action of the arm, and the stability is good;

(4)The turntable can continuously rotate 360 degrees to increase the working range;

(5)The forearm design provides an additional 3 meters of horizontal extension and a working space of 120 degrees up and down;

(6)American Kohler turbocharged high pressure common rail engine, low noise and high power;

(7)The workbench is automatically leveled;

(8)Industrial foam solid tires with high grip performance, excellent climbing ability, can adapt to various harsh terrain conditions;

(9)With emergency pump, it can descend and recover the boom in an emergency.

Product parameter



Platform rotation


Maximum horizontal extension


Maximum travel speed


Maximum operating height


Transport length


Total vehicle weight


Overall dimensions

(Length, width and height)


Turntable rotation


continuous working bucket load



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