Special Aerial Work Platform in Power Field

Short Description:

Product name: Special Aerial Work Platform in Power Field

Type: Substation Robot

Hot-line Working Water Washing Robot

Electric High-pressure Cleaning Truck

Spider Robot

Electric Support Vehicle

Service: Customized

Product Detail

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We can produce special operating vehicle and robot used in substation and power project construction and maintenance and can produce according to requirements provided by customers.

Substation robot

Product features:

Working height: ≥6000mm

Operating range: ≥4000mm

Horizontal rotation angle range: ±90°

Effective insulation length: >3000mm

Rated load of working platform: ≥120kg

Walking speed: ≥2km/h

Operation mode: remote control, plus emergency manual operation

Endurance: ≥3h

Range of use:

It is used for 110~220KV open-type substation live work, multi-functional work platform, which can be equipped with various work tools such as insulator cleaning, cleaning and hydraulic clamps.

Hot-line working water washing robot

Product features:

Whole machine stowed size: 3040x 1300x 1700mm (length x width x height)

Maximum height of spray gun from ground: 7m

Machine weight: 2000kg

Walking speed: 0-4km/h

Climbing ability: ≦30°

Minimum turning radius of track: 750mm

Maximum boom angle: 65°

Electric high-pressure cleaning truck

Product features:

Equipment water output: ≧2 tons/hour

Outlet pressure: ≧2MPa

Equipment power requirements: AC220V

Vehicle engine power: ≦25KW

Raw water quality: meet the national standard of surface water grade III water quality

Product water quality: meet the requirements of high-pressure flushing operation with water as specified in GB/T13395-2008 "Guidelines for Rinsing of Live Equipment with Electric Water"


Spider robot

Product features:

Maximum working height: 13.7m

Maximum platform height: 11.7m

Maximum horizontal reach: 9m

Safe working load: 200kg

Walking speed: 1.0-1.7km/h

Operating voltage level: 46kV

Features: Ability to overcome obstacles, strong terrain adaptability, and can be operated by remote control

Electric support vehicle

Dongfeng Pure UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Truck 300KVA_ U300

300KVA Emerson Dongfeng

Unit power Generator brand Chassis

The carriage adopts passenger car technology and high-grade paint, and adopts baking paint technology; UPS main unit and battery are designed in compartments, equipped with heat dissipation and air conditioning;

The UPS host has an independent cooling air duct, and the vehicle has good heat dissipation performance; the Emerson UPS host has a strong output overload and short-circuit capability;

Input and output use quick connectors, equipped with locomotive flexible cables; cable reels and outriggers use chassis power and hydraulic power;

Optional lounge, equipped with air conditioning, sofas, etc.


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